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Harga bateri kereta Panalite bermula dari RM180

Perodua Myvi dan Honda City – RM180

Proton Saga dan Toyota Vios – RM200

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Kedai Bateri Kereta – Hantar & Pasang PERCUMA di Lembah Klang

Varta Batteries



In the 1880s, founder Adolf Müller launches the company Büsche & Müller in Hagen, Germany, that paved the way for VARTA’s future. In November 2002, global market leader Johnson Controls, Inc., acquires the VARTA automotive battery division.

In 2016 Johnson Controls invents batteries that are maintenance-free and specially designed to withstand extreme climate requirements. They’re stronger, more durable and keep the customers going.

The Varta Blue Dynamic joins The Battery Shop battery range

The Varta Blue Dynamic truly suits motorists who wants complete reliability and peace of mind. It provides consistent high performance for longer periods of time which is specially made for Malaysian weather.

Choose VARTA Blue Dynamic for all vehicles with standard equipment, without start-stop functionality, and get ready to go on the road worry-free.

Here’s a list Varta sizes for all your car needs:

NS40ZL: RM220 (recommended for Perodua carmakes, Honda City, Honda Insight, Honda CR-Z, Kia Picanto..)

NS60: RM240 (recommended for most Proton cars such as Proton Saga, Proton Wira, Proton Waja, Proton Satria..)

NS60L: RM240 (recommended for Toyota Vios, Altis,  Honda CR-V..)

NS70: RM350 (recommended for Proton Perdana, Toyota Unser..)

NS70L: RM350 (recommended for Toyota Camry, Alphard, Harrier, Kia Optima K5..)

80D23L: RM360 (recommended for newer Proton cars Proton Inspira, Suprima, Subaru XV, Mazda 3, Mitsubishi ASX..)

DIN55: RM330 (recommended for Kia Forte, Kia Cerato, Hyundai Ascent, Hyundai Getz, Hyundai Sonata, Mini Cooper, Volkswagen Beetle, Jetta, Polo)

DIN75: RM520 (recommended for Ford Ranger, Volkswagen Passat, Volkswagen Golf GTI, Peugeot)

DIN80: RM600 (car battery for BMW, Mercedes, Audi)

DIN100: RM650 (car battery for BMW, Mercedes, Audi)


Varta Batteries

Panalite Batteries


PANALITE automotive batteries are the result of more than 40 years of experience in battery-manufacturing in Malaysia.

Tropical Battery Specialist Sdn. Bhd., the marketing entity for the PANALITE range of batteries, was established in July 2010.

It actively serves the market within the Klang Valley, and is constantly expanding its market territory to serve a wider range of customers.

Panalite – locally manufactured, made to last the local climate

PANALITE batteries are manufactured by an ISO-certified company. Its batteries have been extensively developed to work well in local conditions where tropical climate and extreme heat are the norm.

Only high grade materials are used in the production processes, and every battery goes through multiple tests to certify that it meets the strictest standards before packing.

Here’s a list of recommended sizes for all your car needs:

NS40ZL: RM180 (recommended for Perodua carmakes, Honda City, Honda Insight, Honda CR-Z, Kia Picanto..).

NS60: RM200 (recommended for most Proton cars such as Proton Saga, Proton Wira, Proton Waja, Proton Satria..).

NS60L: RM200 (recommended for Toyota Vios, Altis,  Honda CR-V..).

55D23L: RM280 (recommended for newer Proton cars such as Proton Inspira, Proton Suprima, Subaru XV, Mazda 3, Mitsubishi ASX..).

DIN55: RM280 (recommended for Kia Forte, Kia Cerato, Hyundai Ascent, Hyundai Getz, Hyundai Sonata, Mini Cooper, Volkswagen Beetle, Jetta, Polo).

DIN55R: RM280 (recommended for kereta Proton Satria Neo, Proton Persona dan Proton Gen2).

Panalite Batteries

Century Batteries


Probably the most recognised automotive battery brand in the Malaysian market, Century Motolite Battery Sdn. Bhd. (CMB) is the pioneer manufacturer with over 50 years history.

For a company to persevere through the test of time, it must have done something right for instance providing motorist with reliable and efficient automotive batteries.

Philippine Batteries Incorporated (PBI) acquired CMB in 2006 and since then CMB is fully supported with an 18-hectare fully integrated manufacturing facility. Century automotive batteries in the Malaysian market are made and imported from Philippine.

The Battery Shop now carry the Century Marathoner range of batteries

In an effort to give customers a wider range of automotive battery choice,

Century Marathoner is a heavier duty MF Battery compared to ordinary MF batteries, as a result of the addition of more active material and utilisation of thicker grids.

Here’s a list of recommended sizes for all your car needs:

NS40ZL: RM190 (recommended for Perodua carmakes, Honda City, Honda Insight, Honda CR-Z, Kia Picanto..).

NS60: RM210 (recommended for most Proton cars such as Proton Saga, Proton Wira, Proton Waja, Proton Satria..).

NS60L: RM210 (recommended for Toyota Vios, Altis,  Honda CR-V..).

NS70: RM300 (recommended for Proton Perdana, Toyota Unser..).

NS70L: RM300 (recommended for Toyota Camry, Alphard, Harrier, Kia Optima K5..).

55D23L: RM290 (recommended for newer Proton cars such as Proton Inspira, Proton Suprima, Subaru XV, Mazda 3, Mitsubishi ASX..).

DIN55: RM290 (recommended for Kia Forte, Kia Cerato, Hyundai Ascent, Hyundai Getz, Hyundai Sonata, Mini Cooper, Volkswagen Beetle, Jetta, Polo).

DIN55R: RM290 (recommended for kereta Proton Satria Neo, Proton Persona dan Proton Gen2).

DIN66: RM380 (recommended for Ford Ranger, Volkswagen Passat, Volkswagen Golf GTI, Peugeot).

Century Batteries

How To Jumpstart A Car

Jumping a dead battery is very simple, but you’d be surprise by the number of drivers who have no clue how to jumpstart a car.

You never know when you’ll need help a damsel in distress or help yourself back on the road. You may have learned the method to jumpstart a car before but you may not remember the correct way to do it.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you jumpstart a car like a pro and avoid shocking yourself in the process.

What you need:

  1. A set of jumpstart cables.
  2. Another car with a working battery parked nose to nose with your car.IMG_6246

CAUTION: DO NOT let the clamps touch each other throughout the jumpstart process.

How to jumpstart your car safely:

  1. Turn off the engine, headlights, AC and radio on both cars.
  2. Attach one of the red clamps to the positive terminal of the dead battery. The positive terminal is usually covered with a red cap. Remove the cap from the terminal before attaching the cable.IMG_2009.JPG
  3. Attach the other red clamp to the positive terminal of the good battery in the other car.IMG_2012
  4. Attach one of the black clamp to the negative terminal of the good battery.IMG_2013
  5. Lastly, attach the other black clamp to the negative terminal of the dead battery. CAUTION: For your safety, refer to the car manual for where you should attach the negative cable. (Some cars are designed to have it’s battery hidden. You will need to attach the clamp to the designated terminals)
  6. Now, start the car with the good battery and let it run for a few minutes.
  7. Try to start you car. If your car still won’t start, leave it to charge for another few minutes. TIP: Charging time is affected by the quality of the jumpstart cable that you are using. Read here for how to choose a set of good jumpstart cables.
  8. Once your car is started, remove the cables in reverse order you attached them.
  9. Drive your car or let the engine run for at least 30 minutes to recharge your battery.

> Watch this jumpstart video guide done by CARPUT.

The Battery Shop is the preferred car battery car battery service provider. We envision a transparent and convenient experience for all Malaysian drivers.

The Battery Shop services can be easily accessible through the hotline (1800-1800-10), The Battery Shop website and also the CARPUT app!


How To Jumpstart A Car


When it comes to jumper cables, it really does matter which kind you buy. You might think that a cheap one should do the trick. Remember this: Cheap is no good, good is no cheap.

You can be thrifty on other stuff for your car, but a good jumper cable will save you when your car battery is dead. Who cares if they were on sale for half price when it won’t jump start your car?

So, here’s a shopping guide to get the best jumper cable you might not know of.

1. Cable Gauge


Jumper cable gauge determines the thickness of the wiring. The rating can be 10, 8, 6, 4, or 2. The lower the gauge, the thicker the cable. Thicker cable means more power goes through and faster it charges. Don’t be deceived with the word “heavy-duty” on the packaging.

So which one to choose? DON’T get the 10 (cheap thin wire), it’s garbage. 6 is great for most car but with a gauge 4 jumper cable, you be ready for whatever comes. Bring it on, zombie apocalypse!

2. Cable Length

Photo Credit:

Your car tends to die on you during inappropriate moments, in your garage, under the rain, in the parking lot, you name it. The problem is cheap jumper cables are only long enough to get your car battery connected to the ‘jump’ car if they are bumper to bumper.

How long should your jumper cable be? 12 ft is basic reach but if you get a good gauge rating jumper cables, the lower the gauge, the longer the cables. A gauge 2 cables is about 20 ft long.

Word of advice: Don’t be caught short! You do not want to push your dead car under the rain just so you can connect the ridiculously short cables.

3. Connection Clamps

Photo Credit:

Good clamps are just as important as the thickness of the cable. The clamp should be solid with teeth so that it will stay connected to the battery terminals and is unlikely to slip off.

The connection clamps has minimal surface area which comes into contact with the battery terminals. When the connection is not solid, you will have sparks when you try to start the car. You should wait 5 minutes to minimise draw on the clamps of which causes sparks.

Also, go for the solid rubber-coated handles to avoid chances of shock. The handles will also heat up overtime so cheap rubber insulation will melt and the next thing you get is a burn hand.

The Verdict

There are small cables available at the gas stations, departmental stores or car accessories shop that you can buy for less than RM20, but those are not recommended. You can find great options of jumper cables via online shopping. Now that you know what kind of jumper cables to get, don’t skimp on this important life saving equipment!

At The Battery Shop, we aim to be the one-stop service provider for car batteries. We strive to provide transparent, easy and reliable service.

To access our service, call us on our hotline (1800-1800-10), bookmark our website ( or download the CARPUT app today!



Imagine walking towards your car and trying to remotely unlock your car door.

It doesn’t work? Uh-oh. You manually unlock your car door using the key and attempt to start the car. By this time, there’s an unsettling feeling. There’s surely something wrong, and you’ve been longing for the warm shower after a long day’s work.

The car won’t start. Luckily for you, you’re smart and prepared for emergency situations like this. You got yourself a jumpstart cable because you don’t want to let anything stop you from going back to the comfort of your home.

Let’s pop the hood.

There it is – an engine without a battery to start it. What horror. You are all sweaty and your tummy is probably growling furiously from hunger.

Car battery theft has been on the rise lately. As your neighbourhood car battery professionals, it is our duty to report these cases to you! While car battery theft usually happens at night, we do advice you to be cautious, especially if you’re driving these cars! Sometimes, to save time, thieves usually cut the terminal cables that are attached to the battery – making it even more difficult for everyone!

Here are the top 3 cars that are prone to car battery theft in Kuala Lumpur.

1. Proton Wira

Photo credit:

Ahh, the good ol’ Wira. The hood can be easily pop open  through the fender of the right tyre.

Here’s a link to a car battery theft in action caught on CCTV!

P/s: Have you watched the hilarious Dr. Jason Leong reviewing his Proton Wira?

2. Proton Saga BLM

Photo credit:

Newer model doesn’t necessarily mean better security. At least not for the hood which protects most of the important component of a car. The thief can easily pop the hood open by breaking the plastic grill at the head of the car. This gives them access to the hook itself.

3. Perodua Kancil

Photo credit:

Kancil is very vulnerable. Especially the older models where it’s engine bay is easily accessible. Just wrench and some brute force, there goes the hood and the car battery. It’s like taking a candy from a child.

Also if you are parking at these hot spots, be extra cautious with the safety of your cars.

1. Brickfields

These lanes around Brickfields are accessible by the public

Indoor parking space are inadequate in Brickfields area. A huge number of cars are parked outside guarded premises and this expose the cars to the element of thefts.

2. Putramas

Cars parked at the road side without any security

Cars parked along the roadside of the condo’s proximity are easy target for car battery theft. More so when the car is one of the top 3 car models mentioned earlier.

2. LRT parking lots

Unattended open air car park along a busy road at Segambut

Some LRT parking lots are free of charge. When it’s free, the security of the parking lot is close to non-existence. These free parking lots are not secured with fence and anybody can just enter the area. Theft made easy!

You are not helpless, here are a few tips to avoid your car’s battery go missing.

1. Get your hood rewired!

Some workshops offer this kind of modification.

2. Park smart

If you are parking in a fence-less parking lot, try to park facing the road. This will make it harder for the thief to make an unnoticed attempt. Don’t be an easy target!

Why car batteries?

Victims are unlikely to make a police report for a stolen car battery, it is considered a trivial unfortunate event. It is easy to get rid of a car battery and is untraceable.

Second hand car batteries can be sold for a high price because of the lead content in them. Do take the extra security measures so that your car will never be robbed of its battery. Be aware of your surroundings, especially if your car is parked in an open car park at night – and if you must, install an automotive hood lock.

The Battery Shop is Kuala Lumpur’s trusted car battery service provider! We aim to be transparent, easy and rescue Malaysians nationwide.

To access our services, give us a call on our hotline (1800-1800-10), bookmark our website ( or download the CARPUT app today!