When it comes to jumper cables, it really does matter which kind you buy. You might think that a cheap one should do the trick. Remember this: Cheap is no good, good is no cheap.

You can be thrifty on other stuff for your car, but a good jumper cable will save you when your car battery is dead. Who cares if they were on sale for half price when it won’t jump start your car?

So, here’s a shopping guide to get the best jumper cable you might not know of.

1. Cable Gauge


Jumper cable gauge determines the thickness of the wiring. The rating can be 10, 8, 6, 4, or 2. The lower the gauge, the thicker the cable. Thicker cable means more power goes through and faster it charges. Don’t be deceived with the word “heavy-duty” on the packaging.

So which one to choose? DON’T get the 10 (cheap thin wire), it’s garbage. 6 is great for most car but with a gauge 4 jumper cable, you be ready for whatever comes. Bring it on, zombie apocalypse!

2. Cable Length

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Your car tends to die on you during inappropriate moments, in your garage, under the rain, in the parking lot, you name it. The problem is cheap jumper cables are only long enough to get your car battery connected to the ‘jump’ car if they are bumper to bumper.

How long should your jumper cable be? 12 ft is basic reach but if you get a good gauge rating jumper cables, the lower the gauge, the longer the cables. A gauge 2 cables is about 20 ft long.

Word of advice: Don’t be caught short! You do not want to push your dead car under the rain just so you can connect the ridiculously short cables.

3. Connection Clamps

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Good clamps are just as important as the thickness of the cable. The clamp should be solid with teeth so that it will stay connected to the battery terminals and is unlikely to slip off.

The connection clamps has minimal surface area which comes into contact with the battery terminals. When the connection is not solid, you will have sparks when you try to start the car. You should wait 5 minutes to minimise draw on the clamps of which causes sparks.

Also, go for the solid rubber-coated handles to avoid chances of shock. The handles will also heat up overtime so cheap rubber insulation will melt and the next thing you get is a burn hand.

The Verdict

There are small cables available at the gas stations, departmental stores or car accessories shop that you can buy for less than RM20, but those are not recommended. You can find great options of jumper cables via online shopping. Now that you know what kind of jumper cables to get, don’t skimp on this important life saving equipment!

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Imagine walking towards your car and trying to remotely unlock your car door.

It doesn’t work? Uh-oh. You manually unlock your car door using the key and attempt to start the car. By this time, there’s an unsettling feeling. There’s surely something wrong, and you’ve been longing for the warm shower after a long day’s work.

The car won’t start. Luckily for you, you’re smart and prepared for emergency situations like this. You got yourself a jumpstart cable because you don’t want to let anything stop you from going back to the comfort of your home.

Let’s pop the hood.

There it is – an engine without a battery to start it. What horror. You are all sweaty and your tummy is probably growling furiously from hunger.

Car battery theft has been on the rise lately. As your neighbourhood car battery professionals, it is our duty to report these cases to you! While car battery theft usually happens at night, we do advice you to be cautious, especially if you’re driving these cars! Sometimes, to save time, thieves usually cut the terminal cables that are attached to the battery – making it even more difficult for everyone!

Here are the top 3 cars that are prone to car battery theft in Kuala Lumpur.

1. Proton Wira

Photo credit:

Ahh, the good ol’ Wira. The hood can be easily pop open  through the fender of the right tyre.

Here’s a link to a car battery theft in action caught on CCTV!

P/s: Have you watched the hilarious Dr. Jason Leong reviewing his Proton Wira?

2. Proton Saga BLM

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Newer model doesn’t necessarily mean better security. At least not for the hood which protects most of the important component of a car. The thief can easily pop the hood open by breaking the plastic grill at the head of the car. This gives them access to the hook itself.

3. Perodua Kancil

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Kancil is very vulnerable. Especially the older models where it’s engine bay is easily accessible. Just wrench and some brute force, there goes the hood and the car battery. It’s like taking a candy from a child.

Also if you are parking at these hot spots, be extra cautious with the safety of your cars.

1. Brickfields

These lanes around Brickfields are accessible by the public

Indoor parking space are inadequate in Brickfields area. A huge number of cars are parked outside guarded premises and this expose the cars to the element of thefts.

2. Putramas

Cars parked at the road side without any security

Cars parked along the roadside of the condo’s proximity are easy target for car battery theft. More so when the car is one of the top 3 car models mentioned earlier.

2. LRT parking lots

Unattended open air car park along a busy road at Segambut

Some LRT parking lots are free of charge. When it’s free, the security of the parking lot is close to non-existence. These free parking lots are not secured with fence and anybody can just enter the area. Theft made easy!

You are not helpless, here are a few tips to avoid your car’s battery go missing.

1. Get your hood rewired!

Some workshops offer this kind of modification.

2. Park smart

If you are parking in a fence-less parking lot, try to park facing the road. This will make it harder for the thief to make an unnoticed attempt. Don’t be an easy target!

Why car batteries?

Victims are unlikely to make a police report for a stolen car battery, it is considered a trivial unfortunate event. It is easy to get rid of a car battery and is untraceable.

Second hand car batteries can be sold for a high price because of the lead content in them. Do take the extra security measures so that your car will never be robbed of its battery. Be aware of your surroundings, especially if your car is parked in an open car park at night – and if you must, install an automotive hood lock.

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Kids are back to school and adults are back to work. The traffic is not getting any better too with the infamous traffic jams are back. Regardless if we travel for work or for pleasure, we all have a routine things to do in the car.

A lot of us just tune in to the radio hoping to listen to songs… But all you get are advertisement after advertisements. *Whispers* Yuuusoooof Taaaayuuuub. Or you just get updates after updates on the traffic conditions around KL – which isn’t really helpful.

Listen to the music in a car

Some of us resort to smoking to kill some time… Yup got it! No need for that same old lecture about the harms of smoking. But your car is gonna stink!

Here’s a way out. Do some exercise!

Start at the top


First thing first, get your posture checked. More often than not, you will find yourself slouching. Sit up straight! Then move your neck to like illustrated above. Hold each position for 5 seconds each. Do this exercise only when you stop for a break. Duh.

Move down the shoulder

For this exercise, hold your steering wheel with both hands, and slowly rotate your shoulder blade. While sitting upright, place your both hands on the steering wheel and try to straighten your elbows as much as possible. Hold it for 5 seconds. After that, relax and rest.

Work that trunk muscles


While sitting straight upright, twist your trunk to the right side. Hold this position for 5 seconds, then release and rest briefly. Repeat 5 times to the right, then repeat the movement 5 times to the left. You will feel your trunk muscles and lower back loosening while you hold this stretch.

Finally, get the back muscles some action


While sitting upright in the driver’s seat, slowly lift and roll your bottom forward to create an arch in your lower back. Hold this position for 5 seconds, then release and rest briefly by pushing your back into the seat again. Repeat 5 times. This helps to loosen your back muscles, which can become especially stiff or tight from driving.

While sitting up straight and keeping your lower back slightly arched, tighten your abdominal muscles while you exhale slowly. Pull your lower abdominal muscles in toward your spine. While keeping the abdominal tightened, breathe in and out normally for about 10 seconds. Release and relax. Repeat this process 5 times to relax your lower back muscles.

While sitting in the driver’s seat, squeeze the gluteal muscles (buttocks) and hold the position for 5 seconds. Release and rest. Repeat 5 times. This movement will help to increase circulation to the area, which can become numb or even painful during long sitting periods.

Your attention should be on the road. No exercise is worth risking your safety. If you really need to stretch out, park your car in a petrol station or a R&R and do it there.



When an unattended car leaves your battery dead.

Ever wonder why your car is unable to start after left unused for merely a week or two? Car batteries like any of your regular phone battery loses it’s charge over time even when you don’t use it. Electricity is produced as electrons flow from the lead oxide anode to the metallic lead cathode, through a solution of sulfuric acid (Science, yo!).

That reaction is ongoing, but at a slower rate, when the battery isn’t being used. That explains why batteries loses their charges as they sit. If the battery is connected to your car, it drains even faster. Why so? Your car has an alarm system, on-board computers and memories for seat positions and radio and climate control settings.

You might ask how long will it take to drain. That depends on several factors; age of the battery, the climate and how often you drive. Here are three ways to keep your battery charged.


1. Start The Car Regularly

Arrange for someone to start the car every week and take it for a spin for about 30 minutes. Driving a good distance (about 20-30KM) not only gives the battery a proper charge but it also keeps the engine and other components properly lubricated.

Pros: Your car will have a consistent upkeep and your friends or family will get to borrow your ride. Everyone’s happy!

Cons: If it’s a luxury car, then you would have to be open-minded that your friend will take good care of her.


2. Detach the negative cable

Don’t have friends or family members who are available to start the car? Here’s the low-tech solution. Disconnecting the negative cable will stop the rapid drainage by the car’s electrical system. You’ll likely to lose the stereo presets, time and other settings. Hence, this method is not advisable for higher-end cars with plenty of power-hungry gadgets and computers.

Pros: You don’t have to spend a single cent. Just make sure that the terminals are clean before attaching the cable back.

Cons: If your battery is fairly old, it might discharge quite quickly even with this method.


3. Install a trickle charger

We all would want to keep those settings and ensure that the battery starts the moment we return. Invest in a trickle charge, also known as a smart charger. Unlike the conventional charger, which can eventually overcharge a battery, a trickle charger only delivers as much power as your battery needs. It will turn off current when it’s fully charged.

Pros: They can stay in the car all year round. Practically you just plug it in the car and forget about it.

Cons: If you are staying in a condominium or other high-rise, you might not have regular access to an power outlet.

The hot weather here means that car battery in Malaysia might not last longer than other countries.

Take some precautions if you’re travelling away, and if you need a car battery service in Kuala Lumpur or Petaling Jaya, just call us at 1800-1800-10.


Car Battery Types – Why It Matters!

Car batteries are not created equal. Truthfully, some are just better than some others. They don’t even come in the same size.

At an auto showroom, have you ever take a look at the car battery while shopping for your next new ride? Have you ever question why does a certain car model have a particular battery size?

It doesn’t matter until it breaks down few years down the road and when you need to replace that flat battery and here are 5 things you should know about car battery size and replacement.

1. Car Battery Names – DIN? NS?

Battery standards usually refer to the country of origin of that battery or a specific type that is unique in style. In Malaysia, car batteries can be easily identified as German Institute of Standardisation (DIN) or Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS).  

*Include DIN and NS battery visuals

2. Continental, Asian, Local Cars batteries

Commonly, continental cars uses the DIN batteries. On the other hand, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Asian made cars use only JIS type batteries.

We have come across cars manufactured in Asia using the DIN batteries too.

Here are a few scenarios:

  • The same car model could be using a different battery size depending on the year it is manufactured. For example, Honda Accord pre-2010 uses the 75D23L while the post-2010 version uses the NS60L.
  • KIA cars are Korean-made but uses the DIN-sized batteries.
  • Proton Satria’s battery is NS60 while Proton Satria Neo’s is DIN55R.

Get the picture?

3. Battery Terminals

Adding to that, it can even be more tricky when it comes to battery terminals. Some cars require a battery with small terminal (ST) while some uses a standard-sized terminal. Not just that, the position of the positive (+) terminal can be either on the right (R) or left (L).

*Include visual of various battery with different terminals

4. Do Not Budget For a Smaller Battery than the Original

It will only overwork the undersized battery. Take for example, a BMW F10 is installed with a DIN72 when the recommended size is the DIN100, it will strained the capacity of the battery hence reducing its lifespan.

Vice versa, it is not recommended to fit a bigger battery than the recommended size.

5. Now, the Ultimate Question: Wet Cell, Gel Cell or Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM), Which is Better?

All three are various versions of the lead acid battery. Wet cell comes in 2 styles; maintenance free and serviceable.

Maintenance free battery is usually misunderstood as a dry cell. A dry cell car battery is a battery that contains a paste electrolyte and only enough liquid to promote conductivity.

The gell cell and the AGM batteries are the safest lead acid batteries. These batteries can perform best under extreme weathers but these specialty batteries can cost twice as much as a premium wet cell.

In most cases AGM batteries will give greater life span and greater cycle life than a wet cell battery. Gel Cell batteries still are being sold but AGM batteries are replacing them in most applications.

If you must depend on top-notch battery performance, spend the extra money. If not, a premium wet cell will do the work just fine.

Do you find all this a headache? Need help in choosing the right battery? The Battery Shop will match the right battery size for your car! Head over to or give us a call at 1800-1800-10 and we’ll deliver and install for you within 30-45 minutes.

Car Battery Types – Why It Matters!

Healthy Snacks For Your Next Roadtrip

Let’s admit it. As Malaysians, our choice of food when we are driving long distance is nothing but healthy. Chocolates, chips, M&M, fast foods, etc. And it doesn’t help when most of the R&R shops are dominated by fast food chains, burger stalls, and high calories foods. It’s tempting, we know.

But let get this straight: this is not going to help you in the long run especially when you have to spend those next few hours sitting still and driving.

What you need during a long car ride is something low in calories and with minimal sugar.

We’ve got you covered with the list of food you can bring along for a long car ride which are both healthy and tasty.


Nuts are tasty, natural, and since squirrels love them, so should you. Plus, you can munch on it to keep some oral activity in the car. Every man’s dream.


Here’s a trick: bring a long hot water, cups, and Milo packets. When you are hungry, mix yourself a cup of Milo and break the Graham crackers into bits and have yourself a very Malaysian cereal. Trust us, it’s really good!


Avoid those Snickers and Mars. Instead, get yourself energy bars or granola bar to help boost your protein and fiber intake while avoiding the sugar bomb. Candy bars like Mars or Snickers are not helpful unless you are going to hiking at the end of trip. Otherwise, you are just going store up fats.



YOU know this! You’ve been hearing this from very moment you can understand human language – you need to keep yourself hydrated anywhere, anytime. The healthiest, and the cheapest solution to this is plain water. You can drink plenty of this and the only thing you need to worry about is making sure you stop by the restroom before you hit the road.

Stay engaged on the road!

You might a pro Malaysian driver but when you have food on one hand and the wheel on the other, you might lose focus on the wheel. Don’t eat and drive – just as you won’t drink and drive. Pull over, refuel (your stomach!), and get back on the road.


Are you off for a roadtrip soon? Choose Taiping for your next roadtrip, and remember to get your car checked before the journey. Here’s how to identify a weak car battery and if you’re not sure, just give us a call on 1800-1800-10 to check your car battery for you.


Healthy Snacks For Your Next Roadtrip

En. Thaqib’s Story

We are in a business that helps people in time of need. The one motivation that got us to wake up in the wee hours of the morning is the satisfaction of getting praises (honest reviews) or even the thought of saving the day of our customers!


When it comes to our family and closest of friends, trusting a stranger to help them in time of need is most likely the last option. We would want to help them out ourselves even it that means getting our hands dirty.

Family means everything to us, but we can’t be there for them all the time. Can you depend on an outsider to rescue them? Does a random act of kindness exist when you need it most? The truth is, it doesn’t.

At The Battery Shop, we take every single job assignment as an act of kindness. After thousands of rescue jobs, there are a few that really stands out with a memorable story to tell. These moments will be reminding us in years to come what we stand for and why we come together as a team.

It was a regular Friday afternoon on 24th of June 2016, Thaqib called The Battery Shop hotline at 3PM from his workplace on behalf of his wife, Nurul who got stranded at Kelana Jaya. It was a stressful moment for both husband and wife.

Nurul’s Perodua Myvi broke down at a traffic light junction and her mobile phone battery is running low. They lost contact when her phone battery went dead. Thaqib might be thinking if help will actually get to his wife.

Our operations team provided a constant update to Thaqib to ensure that help is on the way to his beloved wife.


When Jian, our Head Technician arrived at the location, Nurul had the opportunity to call her husband telling him that help had arrived and she will be alright.

Fortunately, it was only the car battery that kaput and not the alternator. The whole rescue mission took fifty minutes.

The roadside assistance business is all about transparency and trust. We were entrusted to get Thaqib’s wife’s car on the road, and Thaqib even had the liberty to make an online payment for his wife after the job was done.

We are often lost and clueless when similar incident happens to us or someone close. We hope that this story will give some insights on how to act and more importantly an inspiration for all of us, Malaysians.

We went the distance to help out the couple not because we needed to, but we wanted to. We hustle everyday to be better than any other roadside assistance in Malaysia and ultimately, revolutionizing this industry.


In light of the Merdeka month, let’s help and inspire those in need. We’re offering RM40 off any car battery sale with the discount code “BATTRIOTIC”! Know someone who’s in need of a car battery change? You can count on us! 

En. Thaqib’s Story