The Battery Shop Making Waves!


The Battery Shop opened its doors to Kuala Lumpur in 2014 – bringing a fresh outlook to car battery assist. Our vast collection of car batteries means that there will always be a suitable car battery for your car, and your budget. Since our inception, The Battery Shop has saved over a thousand cars around Klang Valley! That’s a major achievement for us, being a very new brand in auto-assist. If you’re looking for great customer service, a forward looking car battery assist company with exceptional quality maintenance free batteries, you’ve got it with The Battery Shop. Car battery flat? We’ve got your back. Interested in checking out the latest car battery prices in Malaysia? You’ve came to the right place. Looking for tips, tricks and want to know how to change a car battery? Watch this space. Sign up now at and we’ll give you a juicy RM20 discount off your next car battery change with us. Until then, may your car battery live long and prosper!

The Battery Shop Making Waves!

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