Mr. Woo’s Double Whammy

Yesterday, we had an interesting situation with Mr. Woo.

Mr. Woo reached out to us as his car wouldn’t start – suspecting the car battery problem. As he was on the phone with us describing his problem and location to us, two people snatched his phone away. Our customer service team couldn’t contact him, and as Mr. Woo described to us, they “professionally switched the phone off while running away”. He reached out to us about twenty minutes later and we were able to at least help him with his car problems but his mobile phone is long gone.

That’s the harsh fact of Malaysia today. As the economy deteriorates, jobs are taken away and crime rates are inevitable. You would think that calling your local car battery technician would be a safe ordeal!

While we cannot find a way to get Mr. Woo’s mobile phone back, it serves as a warning for all of us to stay vigilant and always be wary of your surroundings. We have always emphasized safety, and that someone who has their car hood up will always look more vulnerable than most and become easy targets for thieves.

#SafetyFirst tips from The Battery Shop

1. Call for Professional Help

If you’re calling for help, do it inside your locked car or a crowded area – like a shopping street, mall or even the mamak nearby.

2. Get to a Brightly Lit or Crowded Area
If you’re in a car park, reach out to The Battery Shop, secure your vehicle and walk to a nearby safe area, like Goodsaltz in The Curve. Our technicians will be more than happy to pick you up and drive you to your car. It only takes ten minutes for a car battery change, and it’s surely safer than sixty minutes waiting beside your car.

3. Don’t Flag Down Other Drivers for Help 

Don’t try to flag for help. If in doubt, call a professional. Did you know? The Battery Shop has tow truck services as well, in the event you can’t move your car. We’ll tow the car to your preferred mechanic for a very reasonable fee.

4. Sabar Separuh Iman

Patience is a virtue – help will arrive soon.

5. Learn to say “No”.

Never accept assistance you didn’t call for. Crude opportunists are always ready to scam the helpless.

6. Look Casual

Never ever look vulnerable. We know you’re desperate to get back on the road, but the more you look desperate, the bigger the target you’ll be.

We’ve sinced reached out to Mr. Woo and offered him a lil something that we hope will make his week a little better. Let’s all hope that Malaysia will be a safer place to own a car. It’s been way too dangerous as of late.

Get reliable help from We’re here to serve you.

Mr. Woo’s Double Whammy

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