The Battery Shop In The News (Straits Times)!

We have always believed in giving great service. It’s what we breathe and live, here at The Battery Shop. The chaps at NST found us on Google after their car battery was stolen, and our #GoodGuy Alan did such a fantastic job, they gave us a full page on NST! Thank you, folks of NST – for firstly trusting our service and the added compliment later.


Here’s the full article,

Title: Flat car battery, be gone


LET us tell you an unfortunate story.

We just recovered from a long week of extreme bad luck for some personal reasons. To add to the complimentary entrees of misfortunes, our car battery was stolen one night. We won’t even try and bluff – the incident rubbed rock salt into our already-open wound.

Given the fact that most workshops in the vicinity of our home residence were already closed then, we decided to explore other options on Google. Initially, we doubted that we’d find an online battery assist service provider but guess we were wrong.

The Battery Shop appeared on the first page of results on the search engine and heck, whether it was the luck of the draw or not, their technician was more than obliged to replace our battery although it was ticking closer to midnight.

Then again, as we said, there seems to be no end to any series of unfortunate events. And even if there is one, it normally requires days of prayer and meditation.

By the time the chap, Alan, had installed the new battery, the car alarm went off without any apparent reason, triggering a phantom buzzing sensation in the ears of yours truly. And no matter which wire her replaced or battery repositioning strategy he tried, even divine intervention could not fix the problem.

Eventually, we both gave up trying to win the diagnose game but in spite of the shenanigan our car pulled on us, we most appreciated Alan’s perseverance and determination to make things work that night.

And for that very reason, this story is humbly dedicated to himself, Eugene Tan, the co-founder of The Battery shop and the rest of the brand’s team – some of the unsung heroes who help fill the cracks in the industry they call home.

“You see, one of the most common mistakes that businessmen make is to push just their products as hard as they can into the market without even realising that the quality of their services is what draws customers towards the brand,” Eugene tells Cars Bikes & Trucks.

He adds an equally important point: “Excellent customer service comes first and foremost to us at The Battery Shop.”

The Battery Shop, which turns one this November, is a car battery sales and installation service supplier which operates in a single business location in Petaling Jaya but has multiple (and multiplying) clients all over the state of Kuala Lumpur.

Granted, delivery and installation is done for free and what you pay for is just the new battery. Indeed, you read that right – say you’re stuck with a dead car battery even at a remote location, expect The Battery Shop to come to your rescue in no time.

What led Eugene to exit the tax accounting industry in Melbourne before setting up The Battery Shop here in Malaysia was the true fact that he finally reached the peak of Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs – self-actualisation.

“Vehicle breakdowns, not just in Malaysia but everywhere, really, pose great risks to drivers. Just imagine being at your weakest points when trying to deal with your dead vehicle. It’s an open opportunity for mechanic and tow truck scammers as well as thugs and gangsters to victimise you,” he says.

“Also, let’s not fool ourselves. The motor vehicle repair industry is run by both genuine and dodgy repairmen. The dishonest ones look to make big, dirty money and one of their tactics is to overcharge customers.”

He insists: “But that’s not what we do. Yes, it’s true that we want to dominate the market we are currently serving but we want to do it right and just. And this is why we deliver the batteries personally to our customers or install them on the spot without demanding a single cent, other than for the physical product itself.”

For now though, the company only sells car batteries, imported from Korea. However, Eugene tells us that they do keep customers’ options open, whereby other battery brands can be specially ordered for sale as per request.

In the future, it is most likely to expand its product platter to include car tyres and also intensify its towing services. It was also revealed to us that The Battery Shop is eyeing to expand in other niche markets such as those in Penang, Johor and Sarawak.

It didn’t come as a surprise at all that The Battery Shop was born after an exceptionally long period of patience, strategic thinking and “what ifs”.

“We developed the business based on the lean start-up methodology. Whatever product you have available, you just get it to your customers’ hands as fast as possible. That’s what we did,” Eugene tells us.

He adds: “When we first started, we didn’t have a website. Instead, we sent out advertisements accompanied by our phone numbers. Slowly, we gained traction in the market and found new clients and technicians.”

The key to cementing a business’ position and increasing sales, Eugene says, is to listen to customers’ feedbacks because really, “what you give is what you get back”. 

“There is nothing more rewarding than to make available what your clients want and need, and at the end of the day, getting good reviews on your company’s social media pages,” he gushes.

“As we are rapidly expanding, we are looking to hire more technicians and on top of that, we are developing a mobile app which we plan to launch in March next year.”

Regardless of the deteriorating economic situation in the country and the current slide in Ringgit, The Battery Shop is not planning to up and leave so soon. In fact, there are big plans in tow. The company is aiming to raise the number of customers by further diversifying its product portfolio as mentioned above and opening up hubs or physical outlets, beginning with Bangsar South simply because most of its returning and therefore, prospective, customers are from that particular residential area.

“Things are going great for us. It brings us joy and relief to know that people are saying good things about our brand, and feeling satisfied with the services and assistance of our technicians,” Eugene quips.

Lastly, just a brief public service announcement to interested buyers: Don’t be mistaken. The Battery Shop DOES NOT sell remote control batteries.

. If you need any vehicle battery purchasing, delivery and/or installation assistance, call 1800-1800-10 or visit

The Battery Shop In The News (Straits Times)!

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