The Issue About Warranty

Warranty on car registration plate keyring

We have been getting a lot of calls for car battery replacements, and we were shocked to find out that some of them have just replaced their car batteries in the last six months. Now, with the standard 12 month warranty on most car batteries, why did they not go claim their warranty from the company they bought it from?

We realized that our customers have been buying them from workshops (who may not operate past 6PM). Some have bought from irresponsible operators who do not want the hassle of a warranty claim. Others have no idea that they have a 12 month warranty on their battery.

That’s why, when you call The Battery Shop for a car battery replacement, we’ll always explain to you about our warranty term and what you as a customer have the right for. We understand that car battery manufacturers may not always produce the perfect product all the time, and defects can happen. That’s why, in addition to the 12 month warranty that we provide, we also offer a one to one replacement and we will prioritize your case so you can get back on the road quicker and safer.

As always, one of our #GoodGuys will come to you within the hour, test the battery and check the alternator to find out the problem. If it’s the battery problem, we’ll replace it for free, on the spot, no questions asked.

When you purchase with The Battery Shop, you’re buying peace of mind. Let us handle your worries for you so you can worry about the bigger things in life.

The Issue About Warranty

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