Bizarre ways to make your car shine like no other


bizarre ways to take care of your car

Giving our cars a nice scrub down is a task that we all encounter at some point, so why not shake it up? Let’s get a little weird science on our cars and think outside of the Armor All and Meguiar’s bottles.

Our crafty service advisors have been working hard in our very own lab to curate some nifty means to give your vehicle a long lasting luster. The best part is… wait for it, most of these cool cleaning commodities are items you can find around your house. So examine your kitchen cabinet and grab a science beaker for these weird car cleaning tips.


  • A can of Coke
    The citric acid helps fight window build up and problems with rust.
  • Go Green
    For a streak free shine car, mix 1 cup of water with ½ vinegar and ¼ rubbing alcohol.


  • Peanut Butter
    The natural oils help loosen the gunk, making it easy to wipe off. Just make sure you wash it completely after your task is complete.


  • Baking Soda
    Sprinkle a little amount of baking soda on fabric mats, floor boards and fabric seats to naturally absorb odours. Vacuum after a few hours.


  • Hairspray
    Ink stain on leather seating? Spritz on and wipe off.
  • Toothpaste
    Remove stains on leather / vinyl seats. The small grains that polish your pearly whites will help buff out these difficult interior blemishes.
  • Cornstarch
    Pour a small amount on cloth interior, leave it for 15 minutes then vacuum up. Absorbs hiding liquids or slick surfaces.
  • Vinegar
    Mix with water, place in spray bottle to naturally lift stains.
Bizarre ways to make your car shine like no other

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