Sell your car in just 24 hours!

Selling your car in Malaysia can be a bit of a–erm, what’s the word–a hassle (that’s an understatement). Dealers, car inspections,  pricing, advertisements, JPJ, PUSPAKOM, and a lot more paperwork. You get the idea. But, of course, sometimes you just need to sell your car because you might be migrating or you just need the cash.

Luckily there’s an easy solution to this problem. Carsome: they are the ones to go to if you need to sell your car. They promise to sell your car in just 24 hours!

Carsome Image 1.jpg

  • Get the highest offer among their 200+ Certified Used Car Dealers around Malaysia.
  • View real-time bidding by dealers on your user dashboard. No mark-up. No hidden charges.
  • Completely free-of-charge, even if you decided not to sell to Carsome in the end.

Most importantly, Carsome promise you a hassle-free and haggle-free service – all paperwork will be done by Carsome!

Click  HERE to book a FREE car inspection now.

Sell your car in just 24 hours!

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