Healthy Snacks For Your Next Roadtrip

Let’s admit it. As Malaysians, our choice of food when we are driving long distance is nothing but healthy. Chocolates, chips, M&M, fast foods, etc. And it doesn’t help when most of the R&R shops are dominated by fast food chains, burger stalls, and high calories foods. It’s tempting, we know.

But let get this straight: this is not going to help you in the long run especially when you have to spend those next few hours sitting still and driving.

What you need during a long car ride is something low in calories and with minimal sugar.

We’ve got you covered with the list of food you can bring along for a long car ride which are both healthy and tasty.


Nuts are tasty, natural, and since squirrels love them, so should you. Plus, you can munch on it to keep some oral activity in the car. Every man’s dream.


Here’s a trick: bring a long hot water, cups, and Milo packets. When you are hungry, mix yourself a cup of Milo and break the Graham crackers into bits and have yourself a very Malaysian cereal. Trust us, it’s really good!


Avoid those Snickers and Mars. Instead, get yourself energy bars or granola bar to help boost your protein and fiber intake while avoiding the sugar bomb. Candy bars like Mars or Snickers are not helpful unless you are going to hiking at the end of trip. Otherwise, you are just going store up fats.



YOU know this! You’ve been hearing this from very moment you can understand human language – you need to keep yourself hydrated anywhere, anytime. The healthiest, and the cheapest solution to this is plain water. You can drink plenty of this and the only thing you need to worry about is making sure you stop by the restroom before you hit the road.

Stay engaged on the road!

You might a pro Malaysian driver but when you have food on one hand and the wheel on the other, you might lose focus on the wheel. Don’t eat and drive – just as you won’t drink and drive. Pull over, refuel (your stomach!), and get back on the road.


Are you off for a roadtrip soon? Choose Taiping for your next roadtrip, and remember to get your car checked before the journey. Here’s how to identify a weak car battery and if you’re not sure, just give us a call on 1800-1800-10 to check your car battery for you.


Healthy Snacks For Your Next Roadtrip

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