Kids are back to school and adults are back to work. The traffic is not getting any better too with the infamous traffic jams are back. Regardless if we travel for work or for pleasure, we all have a routine things to do in the car.

A lot of us just tune in to the radio hoping to listen to songs… But all you get are advertisement after advertisements. *Whispers* Yuuusoooof Taaaayuuuub. Or you just get updates after updates on the traffic conditions around KL – which isn’t really helpful.

Listen to the music in a car

Some of us resort to smoking to kill some time… Yup got it! No need for that same old lecture about the harms of smoking. But your car is gonna stink!

Here’s a way out. Do some exercise!

Start at the top


First thing first, get your posture checked. More often than not, you will find yourself slouching. Sit up straight! Then move your neck to like illustrated above. Hold each position for 5 seconds each. Do this exercise only when you stop for a break. Duh.

Move down the shoulder

For this exercise, hold your steering wheel with both hands, and slowly rotate your shoulder blade. While sitting upright, place your both hands on the steering wheel and try to straighten your elbows as much as possible. Hold it for 5 seconds. After that, relax and rest.

Work that trunk muscles


While sitting straight upright, twist your trunk to the right side. Hold this position for 5 seconds, then release and rest briefly. Repeat 5 times to the right, then repeat the movement 5 times to the left. You will feel your trunk muscles and lower back loosening while you hold this stretch.

Finally, get the back muscles some action


While sitting upright in the driver’s seat, slowly lift and roll your bottom forward to create an arch in your lower back. Hold this position for 5 seconds, then release and rest briefly by pushing your back into the seat again. Repeat 5 times. This helps to loosen your back muscles, which can become especially stiff or tight from driving.

While sitting up straight and keeping your lower back slightly arched, tighten your abdominal muscles while you exhale slowly. Pull your lower abdominal muscles in toward your spine. While keeping the abdominal tightened, breathe in and out normally for about 10 seconds. Release and relax. Repeat this process 5 times to relax your lower back muscles.

While sitting in the driver’s seat, squeeze the gluteal muscles (buttocks) and hold the position for 5 seconds. Release and rest. Repeat 5 times. This movement will help to increase circulation to the area, which can become numb or even painful during long sitting periods.

Your attention should be on the road. No exercise is worth risking your safety. If you really need to stretch out, park your car in a petrol station or a R&R and do it there.


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