Imagine walking towards your car and trying to remotely unlock your car door.

It doesn’t work? Uh-oh. You manually unlock your car door using the key and attempt to start the car. By this time, there’s an unsettling feeling. There’s surely something wrong, and you’ve been longing for the warm shower after a long day’s work.

The car won’t start. Luckily for you, you’re smart and prepared for emergency situations like this. You got yourself a jumpstart cable because you don’t want to let anything stop you from going back to the comfort of your home.

Let’s pop the hood.

There it is – an engine without a battery to start it. What horror. You are all sweaty and your tummy is probably growling furiously from hunger.

Car battery theft has been on the rise lately. As your neighbourhood car battery professionals, it is our duty to report these cases to you! While car battery theft usually happens at night, we do advice you to be cautious, especially if you’re driving these cars! Sometimes, to save time, thieves usually cut the terminal cables that are attached to the battery – making it even more difficult for everyone!

Here are the top 3 cars that are prone to car battery theft in Kuala Lumpur.

1. Proton Wira

Photo credit:

Ahh, the good ol’ Wira. The hood can be easily pop open  through the fender of the right tyre.

Here’s a link to a car battery theft in action caught on CCTV!

P/s: Have you watched the hilarious Dr. Jason Leong reviewing his Proton Wira?

2. Proton Saga BLM

Photo credit:

Newer model doesn’t necessarily mean better security. At least not for the hood which protects most of the important component of a car. The thief can easily pop the hood open by breaking the plastic grill at the head of the car. This gives them access to the hook itself.

3. Perodua Kancil

Photo credit:

Kancil is very vulnerable. Especially the older models where it’s engine bay is easily accessible. Just wrench and some brute force, there goes the hood and the car battery. It’s like taking a candy from a child.

Also if you are parking at these hot spots, be extra cautious with the safety of your cars.

1. Brickfields

These lanes around Brickfields are accessible by the public

Indoor parking space are inadequate in Brickfields area. A huge number of cars are parked outside guarded premises and this expose the cars to the element of thefts.

2. Putramas

Cars parked at the road side without any security

Cars parked along the roadside of the condo’s proximity are easy target for car battery theft. More so when the car is one of the top 3 car models mentioned earlier.

2. LRT parking lots

Unattended open air car park along a busy road at Segambut

Some LRT parking lots are free of charge. When it’s free, the security of the parking lot is close to non-existence. These free parking lots are not secured with fence and anybody can just enter the area. Theft made easy!

You are not helpless, here are a few tips to avoid your car’s battery go missing.

1. Get your hood rewired!

Some workshops offer this kind of modification.

2. Park smart

If you are parking in a fence-less parking lot, try to park facing the road. This will make it harder for the thief to make an unnoticed attempt. Don’t be an easy target!

Why car batteries?

Victims are unlikely to make a police report for a stolen car battery, it is considered a trivial unfortunate event. It is easy to get rid of a car battery and is untraceable.

Second hand car batteries can be sold for a high price because of the lead content in them. Do take the extra security measures so that your car will never be robbed of its battery. Be aware of your surroundings, especially if your car is parked in an open car park at night – and if you must, install an automotive hood lock.

The Battery Shop is Kuala Lumpur’s trusted car battery service provider! We aim to be transparent, easy and rescue Malaysians nationwide.

To access our services, give us a call on our hotline (1800-1800-10), bookmark our website ( or download the CARPUT app today!



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