When it comes to jumper cables, it really does matter which kind you buy. You might think that a cheap one should do the trick. Remember this: Cheap is no good, good is no cheap.

You can be thrifty on other stuff for your car, but a good jumper cable will save you when your car battery is dead. Who cares if they were on sale for half price when it won’t jump start your car?

So, here’s a shopping guide to get the best jumper cable you might not know of.

1. Cable Gauge


Jumper cable gauge determines the thickness of the wiring. The rating can be 10, 8, 6, 4, or 2. The lower the gauge, the thicker the cable. Thicker cable means more power goes through and faster it charges. Don’t be deceived with the word “heavy-duty” on the packaging.

So which one to choose? DON’T get the 10 (cheap thin wire), it’s garbage. 6 is great for most car but with a gauge 4 jumper cable, you be ready for whatever comes. Bring it on, zombie apocalypse!

2. Cable Length

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Your car tends to die on you during inappropriate moments, in your garage, under the rain, in the parking lot, you name it. The problem is cheap jumper cables are only long enough to get your car battery connected to the ‘jump’ car if they are bumper to bumper.

How long should your jumper cable be? 12 ft is basic reach but if you get a good gauge rating jumper cables, the lower the gauge, the longer the cables. A gauge 2 cables is about 20 ft long.

Word of advice: Don’t be caught short! You do not want to push your dead car under the rain just so you can connect the ridiculously short cables.

3. Connection Clamps

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Good clamps are just as important as the thickness of the cable. The clamp should be solid with teeth so that it will stay connected to the battery terminals and is unlikely to slip off.

The connection clamps has minimal surface area which comes into contact with the battery terminals. When the connection is not solid, you will have sparks when you try to start the car. You should wait 5 minutes to minimise draw on the clamps of which causes sparks.

Also, go for the solid rubber-coated handles to avoid chances of shock. The handles will also heat up overtime so cheap rubber insulation will melt and the next thing you get is a burn hand.

The Verdict

There are small cables available at the gas stations, departmental stores or car accessories shop that you can buy for less than RM20, but those are not recommended. You can find great options of jumper cables via online shopping. Now that you know what kind of jumper cables to get, don’t skimp on this important life saving equipment!

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